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Meet Joni

Founder and CEO.

I have a long history of running marketing and PR for leading technology, Internet and mobile companies. My job was always to figure out unique ways to brand, market and position products in the marketplace that would create the broad awareness that is needed to drive sales and win market share. My love and drive has always come from launching new products in emerging industries and new markets around the globe. I found success in working with some amazing companies but after 20 years I got bored. What next? What’s my purpose?

For the record, I can not technically be considered green. I still drive a big SUV. I never had any real causes that I actively supported. But I now have three beautiful, smart and impressionable young children who depend on me to make the right decisions on what goes into and on their growing bodies. I worry about making sure that what they eat is healthy and is promoting good brain development. I worry about their education and making sure they go into the world with their eyes wide open. I worry about their world and is it safe to drink the water or swim in the oceans. Oh the pressure!

I have friends that know the ins and outs of sunscreen; the good ingredients, the bad chemicals. I sit and listen with a glazed over look in my eyes. I have a growing number of friends who have kids who are gluten free or they themselves have turned to a gluten free diet. We now choose to go to restaurants with gluten-free menus. What, there is manufactured gluten in my ketchup, hummus and margarita mix? And all of a sudden, I am more gluten aware.

As a busy working mom, I find it hard to take the time to do the proper research it takes to make these very important decisions. My very first step towards a more conscious, healthy lifestyle was to start shopping at Whole Foods. What do you mean they don’t carry Diet Coke? But at least I started feeling better about the fact that someone did some homework for me. And then I realized that my friends all have information that is useful to me and I’m sure would be useful to others. I’m sure everyone has friends like this.

That’s when the idea hit me. Why not take the goodness of sharing with social media, mix it with reviews a la Yelp, add in deals a la Zulilly … all focused on products, brands and services that are doing Guud such as- sourcing locally, organic, gluten free or doing social good such as giving back to the community, hiring local workers, supporting good causes.

Please join me in sharing what you know, what your friends know. Together, we can make it easier to make good and healthy decisions for ourselves, our families, our communities and, our world.