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What is Guud?

As a busy working mom, I find it hard to make time to research the very important purchasing decisions for my family such as what food, toys, and cleaners to buy, which restaurants will have healthy options to fit my needs, or what companies are supporting good business practices. I realized that my mom friends, Facebook friends, and trusted individuals are my greatest source of useful information and I'm sure that information would be useful to others. I'm sure everyone has friends like this. Or maybe you are the one with all the information!


Guud takes the goodness of discovering, sharing, recommending, and reviewing and brings that focus to products, brands and services that are doing "Guud." This can include anything from local products, organic, gluten-free, educational, healthy, toxic-free or those companies that are doing social good in your community by hiring local workers or supporting good causes. Together, we can bring our collective knowledge to build the largest source of information on people, product and places that really matter the most to us – both individually and on a worldwide basis. The products on Guud are selected to meet the needs of our best customer: you. And becauseour collections are created by real people, our shopping experience is authentic, real and something you can trust.


Please join me in sharing what you know and what your friends know. Together, we can make it easier to make good and healthy decisions for our families and ourselves. Through our discoveries, recommendations and purchasing decisions, we have the power to create a market for better products.


What is guud for u is guud for us. Join the guud community today and tell us what you think is guud!


  • Do you know of a local restaurant that is only using local products?
  • Can you recommend a great product you bought that is all organic?
  • Do you know of a brand that is dedicated to sustainability and has just launched a fantastic new shoe?
  • Do you know of a local business that is donating to charity if you eat there today?
  • Did you discover a popular toy that is toxin-free?
  • Discover new products
  • Review
  • Recommend
  • Share with friends
  • Get connected with others who have similar interests