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Hello Do-Guuders!


It’s Guud to be Guud!


We are excited that you are part of our community. We want to recognize and promote your contributions to helping us live better lives through your recommendations and sharing of guud things.


Don’t you want everyone to know you are Guud? We do!! For each badge you receive, we will automatically post it on your personal profile page. We will also give you a tool to post each badge on your personal blog, website, newsletter, emails, etc.


There are many ways to be rewarded for your guud behavior:


Yay! You are Guud!


‘I am Guud’ Badge

Hello Do-Guuders!


Just by registering on Guud, your personal profile will be awarded with the “I am Guud” Badge.


Got something Guud to say?

Guud Contributor Badge


We are looking for experts to help us make better choices about what we buy. If you submit an article and we post it on the Guud blog then we will reward you with a Guud contributor badge to show that you are a trusted expert for your area of expertise.


Ready to spread some Guudwill?Become a Guud Ambassador? Guud Ambassador Badge


We want to reward you for helping us spread the word about Guud. If you meet the minimum criteria for contributing, sharing and inviting others, we will reward you with a special status that will enter you into a special gift card drawing at the end of the year. The more you spread the guudwill, the more chances you will have to win some guudwill of your own!


Become a Guud Expert! You are THE Guud leader!

Guud Expert Badge


We are looking for the most passionate, engaged and knowledgeable product experts in your area. If this is you then please contact us right away! Category leaders will be rewarded with a special status and promotion on the site as well as give you oversight for all the content in your category. We will base your eligibility in part on content contributions, recommendations, shares and followers. If this is you (and we hope it is!) please email us at